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Howest University of Applied Sciences is launching an English-taught bachelor major Web3 Engineer in Bruges, Belgium. As the first specialized Web3 bachelor in Europe, this program aims to attract students from all over the world who are passionate about cutting-edge technology and want to be at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

“Students will learn how to develop and secure innovative applications and networks using various programming languages, tools, and platforms such as Solidity for smart contract development, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Hyperledger Fabric, Solid, IOTA and EBSI”, said Wim Van Renterghem, Web3 Engineer programme coordinator who helps shape the training program. “They will explore the security of smart contracts and consensus mechanisms on different blockchain networks, as well as learn how to set up and manage decentralized nodes. In addition to the technical aspects, students will also learn how to map and adapt business processes to Web3's innovative concepts, like Self-Sovereign Identity and DeFi.”

This course program is part of the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, in which students will gain in-depth knowledge of software and web development, databases, and server and system administration.

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Hyperledger Foundation logo

Hyperledger Foundation

Howest University of Applied Sciences is a proud associate member of the Hyperledger Foundation, an open-source project hosted by the Linux Foundation, which promotes the development of enterprise-grade, distributed ledger technologies.

Joining prestigious members such as IBM, Fujitsu, and IntellectEU, Howest's membership highlights its expertise in blockchain innovation and education. Through collaboration within the Hyperledger ecosystem, Howest continually enhances its Web3 Engineering program, providing students with the latest skills and knowledge to excel in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.


At Howest, we believe in making quality education accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. "We teach the course in English precisely because we target students from all over the world. We've been doing that in Cyber Security and Digital Arts & Entertainment, Howest's game course that has since become world-renowned,” said Shane Deconinck, Security and Privacy research coordinator at Howest.

“You don't need to have prior knowledge of IT to start the study. We teach our students programming from scratch, but at a quick yet manageable pace. The classes physically take place on our campus in Bruges, a Unesco World Heritage Site, offering a rich cultural experience for international students. Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to work in the global technology market.”

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Howest Applied Computer Science has been involved in Web3 research projects since 2016 and has been embedding it in education since 2017. “We have been working on this for a long time. We have already built up a lot of expertise, and for us, this is the next logical step. It's almost unthinkable that Web3 won't happen. With governments implementing various legislations to ensure data ownership and privacy are restored to citizens, this shift is becoming more prominent. That's why we’re taking the lead in training professionals that can bring this change. As a university of applied sciences, we believe strongly in innovation. We are pioneering in gaming, cybersecurity, and now Web3. The world is digital, and it takes a lot of professionals to participate in that”, Deconinck concludes.

Shane Deconinck

Shane Deconinck

Security and Privacy research coordinator
shane.deconinck [at] (shane[dot]deconinck[at]howest[dot]be)

Wim Van Renterghem

Wim Van Renterghem

Program manager bachelor Web3 Engineer

wim.van.renterghem [at]