Creative Business (keuzetraject)

Bachelor Communicatiemanagement

Creative Business (keuzetraject)

New ideas, technologies and products change the world. But how do innovative companies place these on the market? Creative Business is located at the intersection of communication, business and new technologies, translating far-flung ideas into understandable consumer desire. Cutting edge? Damn sure! 

Tesla, Alibaba, virtual reality, e-commerce, the cashless society, ... Innovative concepts, trends and technologies attract attention. Especially when these come with a strong story. And that is where the added value of Creative Business lies: you help entrepreneurs and inventors of brilliant concepts to bring their latest idea to the market. Weapons of choice? A unique (brand) story, knowledge of the creative and communication sectors, insight into what's hot and what's not, and strong project management skills. 

With your story you move people, whether they are journalists, gamers, consumers or investors. You effectively model a business idea and make understandable a complex technology or service. You think up an appropriate revenue model and communication plan. Do you rely upon a social media campaign, influencers or radio spots to get your idea out there? Is it best to build a user community through podcasts, posters or TikTok? Are you going to promote a subscription model or do you prefer a pay-per-click model? 

Technology is changing rapidly and translates into the coolest products and services. Very often, the creators are geniuses, but when they want to enter the market with their latest idea, things sometimes go wrong. And that is where Creative Business professionals come in! 


This programme is only available in Dutch!

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