Communication Management

"Let's talk"

You are a real advertising addict, a storyteller with passion for digital media or a top sales talent. You put your hands up in the air for any event or you have a passion for PR & Media? Let's Talk!

You speak without fear in front of a group or you have a sharp pen. Creativity is your nature. You have a fascination for culture and lifestyle and the online world is part of your natural habitat. You are gifted with organizational and planning talents, you are not afraid of tight deadlines and you love brainstorming.

You clearly have a communication talent!

Professional communication, that is telling your story in an efficient and creative way. You learn how to analyze problems, to empathize with the target group, to think of strategies and creative solutions. You meet the media world and closely follow trends and current events. You practice in research and convert the results into a firm communication plan.

Communication management at Howest is for doers and darers with a drive. You think a theoretical framework is important, but you are convinced that you only learn by actually doing things.

  • This program is only available in Dutch!