Summer school of making

Summer School of Making

Summer School of Making

From August 22nd till August 31st 2016, you can be part of theSummer School of Making (6th edition) organised by the Industrial Design Center, a shared platform between Howest University Collegeand Ghent University Campus Kortrijk in Belgium.

This event is addressed to professionals, graduates, students and PhD-students from several creative-technical disciplines who want to professionalize their hands-on prototyping abilities and perfect their model making skills. Based on your personal interest, you will attend in a set of workshops.

full 5-day-track #MAKING A LAMP

In parallel tracks we'll be working on a table lamp. The table lamp consists of three parts: Base (Tuesday), Shade (Wednesday) & Switch (Thursday). We provide for every part 2 options of which you choose while buying your #SSOM16 ticket. Every combination will result in a table lamp.


Build a robot friend and learn about robot design, mechatronics and programming interactions with social robots. Make use of our OPSOROplatform and join an upcoming community of enthusiastic robot builders. #OPSORO offers an open platform for the creation of social robots. It uses an innovative modular system design that allows the creation of different embodiments to represent animatronic creatures that focus on face-to-face communication. Our goal is to create new robotic characters with you that can be used in semi-controlled interactions and scenarios, typically within the context of therapeutics, education or entertainment.

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