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Research projects

Resilient VEG-i-TEC

This project investigates how, using new fixed and mobile infrastructure, advanced smart energy and water management can lead to water, electricity and heat optimizations at agri-food companies.                                                                                      

Manuf Excellence

To improve effectively, companies must be able to assess their situation and select the right technologies. Both aspects do not appear to be evident for SMEs. This project aims to build a research infrastructure to set up demonstrations/validations.                               


1in 3 people lacks sufficient sleep. Sleep is crucial for our mental and physical functioning in both the short and long term. Through this Practice-Oriented Research (PWO) project, we are developing a prevention program emphasizing the importance of sleep and good sleep hygiene.


Howest, Voka, and Alert! are collaborating on a pilot project for a qualifying training program (a higher education program in HR support) designed for working students. Starting from September 2020, Howest introduced this HR program tailored specifically for working students.   


In PoST-IT, three areas of expertise within Howest are innovatively connected: (1) politicizing social work, (2) evaluation and impact of social interventions, and (3) data sciences.                                                                                                  


This practice-based research challenges how designers can explore new concepts related to the sustainable development of ecosystems from more-than-human perspectives.                                                                                                                  

Digital Health Lab

The project aims to establish and develop the Digital Health Lab in West Flanders, focusing primarily on digital preventive health.The Digital Health Lab will consist of three main components:                                                                                        



The Sport Good Governance Game (SG3) project consists of three parts: an awareness game, a workshop, and an action plan.                                                                                                                                                                


Game testing, creating animations, or designing realistic conversations are just a few examples of areas where AI can and will play a significant role in the future of the production process within games, animation, and VFX.                                                        


Within URBAN XR LAB, we will explore how to actively engage 14+ youth in (re)designing spaces, focusing onsustainable use of space and the potential of Extended Reality (XR) for visualization and simulation of designs.