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Research projects

No-code (r)evolutie

Developing custom software is a costly and time-consuming process. Many organizations resort to using MS Office or the Google Suite, but the world of no-code offers far more possibilities than standard office applications.                                                          

Urban meiden

Research indicates that socially active sports practices are empowering and contribute to a positive perception of young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods.                                                                                                                         


Metagenomic analysis involves studying all the DNA present in an isolated sample, simultaneously identifying multiple microorganisms for various applications, such as pathogen detection or resistance.                                                                                

Vital Brains App

The exploratory Practice-Based Research (PWO) project has yielded valuable insights into the potential of the Vital Brains App. The objective of this project is to assist the field by delivering a finalized product, enabling individuals to swiftly access specialized support.     


In this project, the prototype of the VR training (developed in the PWO SPRINT EDU XR) is optimized and expanded. This VR training is aimed at secondary school students (vocational orientation) learning to operate complex woodworking machines.                                     


In Flemish education, there is often talk of working excellently and maximizing talent, but at the same time, the least attention is paid to those who have the most potential and, as a result, they are at risk of dropping out.                                                      

Kapitein Werkgeluk

The aim of the project is to firmly embed Job Satisfaction in secondary education. Keeping teachers happy on board is the guiding principle. Because without Job Satisfaction, no one sails smoothly.                                                                                   


The success of online shopping, coupled with the recent impact of COVID, is putting pressure on Flemish retail and the retail sector. This has direct consequences for store owners, who must reorganize themselves as pickup points for online shoppers or even close their stores.    


Companies realize that further digitization is necessary to continue innovating, growing, and making their processes more efficient. However, businesses are increasingly questioning how they can be supported in the energy transition without incurring significant costs.           

KKGK Taalcoach

Creating equal opportunities for vulnerable groups is a top priority for Flemish education policy. Quality preschool and primary education that can overcome barriers is essential in this regard.