Found something in another bib? Interlibrary loan!

You found something interesting on another Howest campus or in another institution or library? No panic. We will have it transferred for you, for free.

You only have to fill in the application form. We’ll send you the article as soon as possible via email or inform you when the book is waiting for you in our library.

IBL application

Buying suggestions

Help us keep our Howest bibs collection up-to-date and relevant and make a purchase suggestion!

We always keep our finger on the pulse, but nobody knows the needs, trends and evolutions within your field better than you.

Students can always send us an e-mail and staff can find it here. You can easily make a purchase suggestion for your Howest library. As soon as your request is received, you will receive an e-mail and can come and pick up your work.


More info coming soon

Register, borrow, prolong and reserve

Every Howest student and staff member is automatically a member of our library and can use our services for free. This also applies to all students and staff members of our partners within the UGent association.

To external persons, we ask a warranty of €10. They can consult our databases in our libraries after having applied for a ‘guest account’, this is not possible from home. 

The borrowing term for books is standard set to 4 weeks. For work books, manuals, DVD’s, ... this is 1 week. You will receive a reminder email shortly before the return date. If necessary, you may reply to this email to prolong the term. It is also possible to make a reservation. Visit us or send us an email with the correct details of the works you want to reserve. We will inform you as soon as it is available.

Drawing up a literature list

How can I most efficiently draw up a literature list?

You can find anything you need to know on source references, reference styles, EndNote and Zotero in the info section ‘Libraries’ on the LEHO website of your study programme.

Watch info videos

For our English speaking students and partners:

Consult databases

This information will be available soon.
Contact bram.baert [at] if you have specific questions.


If you want to consult the databases at home or outside the school walls, then you need a VPN connection. This is software that connects your laptop / PC to the Howest network.

VPN installeren

Consult the catalog

In the catalog you search for books, magazines, final works, didactic material, e-books, .... and so much more. The catalog shows the physical and digital collection of all Howest libraries.

You enter a search term (s) and optionally select 'title, author or subject' in the menu. Or you first choose the type (books, magazines, final projects) and then search further.

Consult the catalog

Results list

This information will be available soon.
Contact info [at] if you have specific questions.


SFX is a 'link resolver' and ensures that you can click through full-text material to the databases where the digital work is located. Simply click on the blue Full text! Icon next to your hit.

Contact and opening hours

Opening hours can vary due to vacation days or illness.

Campus Bruges Centrum
Campus Bruges Centrum

Sint Jorisstraat 71, 8000 Bruges
Katrien Vanthournout en Elien Beuselinck 
brugge.bib [at] howest.betitle="brugge.bib [at]"
T 050 33 32 68

Opening hours

  • Monday: 8u30 - 17u
  • Tuesday: 8u30 - 17u
  • Wednesday: 8u30 - 12u30 en 13u - 17u
  • Thursday: 8u30 - 12u30 en 13u - 17u
  • Friday: 8u30 - 12u

Campus Kortrijk Weide - The Penta
Campus Kortrijk Weide - The Penta

Sint-Martens-Latemlaan 1B, 8500 Kortrijk
Eva Vanackere en Jan Seynaeve
kortrijk.bib [at] howest.betitle="kortrijk.bib [at]"
T 056 23 98 81

Opening hours

  • Monday: 8u30 - 17u00
  • Tuesday: 8u30 - 17u00
  • Wednesday: 8u30 - 17u00
  • Thursday: 8u30 - 17u00
  • Friday: 8u30 - 12u30


Don't find what you are looking for or have a specific question? Feel free to contact us.

To access certain online applications from home, you will require a secured connection (VPN).

Howest Forticlient VPN NL 1

Follow the instructional video to install a VPN. You will require this VPN for the following applications:

  • Library
  • ...

FortiClient VPN Installation and configuration

You can download the installation file (FortiClient VPN) at Choose Windows or MacOS, depending on the computer you use.

  1. Start the FortiClient VPN
  2. click on Configure VPN to configure the connection.
  3. Select IPsec VPN in the next menu.
  4. At Connection Name, fill in Howest VPN.
  5. At Remote Gateway, fill in the following IP adress:
  6. Under Authentication Method Pre-shared Key, Copy and paste the following text: H5ATYtdI^evWIuu+UOIz|XhJ
    !! Please ensure that you do not copy any additional spaces or the connection will not work !!
  7. click Save to finish the connection.

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For students and staff members

Select the wireless network 'eduroam' and enter your Howest login and password.

Is your account not activated yet? Then you can connect to the network 'onthaaldagen' during the kick-off week to activate your account. After the kick-off week you do this via your mobile hotspot or on your home network.

The first time that you use eduroam, the system will ask you whether you trust the wireless network's certificate. Accept the certificate. After that, you will be connected to eduroam, the wireless network of Howest.

If eduroam does not appear in the list of available networks, you probably have an older laptop or smartphone. In that case, choose the network eduroam-2.4. The login procedure is identical, but the speed of this network is slightly slower. You can solve the connection problem of your old laptop by purchasing a Wi-Fi USB-dongle. Make sure the dongle supports at least Wi-Fi-5.

Connection problems:

If you cannot connect with eduroam or eduroam-2.4, this can be for various reasons. Below are some possible causes.

Minimum operating system

Make sure your operating system meets at least:

  • Windows: Windows 10 build 1809
  • Macbook: MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)


If you can connect to the network, but can't get internet, your DNS is set incorrectly. Set your DNS to automatic by following this step-by-step plan.

Technische info

  • Netwerknaam/SSID: eduroam
  • Beveiligingstype: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Versleutelingstype: AES
  • Authenticatiemethode: PEAP
  • Authenticatieprotocol: MSCHAP
  • Sub authenticatie methode: EAP-MSCHAP V2
  • Certificaten: niet valideren
  • Domein:
eduroam NL

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