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Game testing, creating animations, or designing realistic conversations are just a few examples of areas where AI can and will play a significant role in the future of the production process within games, animation, and VFX. That's why DAE-Research initiated the TETRA project on this topic. Together with a guidance group comprising various Games and VFX companies, we believe that the use of AI will free up more time for the creative process itself. In the preparatory year, DAE-Research, in collaboration with the guidance group, identified several use cases where AI will have the most impact. Collaboration and interaction with the guidance group ensure that our research is applicable and valuable in the industry.

Specifically, we offer the companies in the guidance group the following:

  • 6 validated proof of concepts based on the input received
  • Basic knowledge about AI & existing tools and methodologies
  • In-depth knowledge of AI applied to games, VFX, and animation
  • Testing and comparing existing AI tools
  • Workshops to educate employees
  • Ongoing updates on project results and relevant academic papers through blog posts on the website and meetings
  • Networking opportunities