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Howest Students Affairs (Stuvo) will help you find suitable accommodation.

As soon as your application has been approved by Howest, go to Stuvo’s website and you will find specific information regarding the housing possibilities Howest helps facilitate for internationals students, and about how to rent one of these rooms.

The sooner you apply and start the accommodation procedures, the higher your chances to get a room which comes up to your expectations. Howest cannot be expected to offer ‘emergency housing assistance’ upon arrival.

Stuvo’s housing brochure with tips

Next to housing Student Affairs are also the ones to contact for all the things that can make your life as a student more comfortable. Think about mobility, sports, … You will hear all about it during the Orientation Week preceding your semester at Howest.

In Bruges

Student house The Lodge


  • Room with shower: € 410 / month
  • Studio: € 510 / month
  • All prices include water, electricity, gas and internet
  • Contract duration: 12 months

All prices are subject to change


More info about the student house The Lodge in Bruges? Contact isabelle.stael [at] (Isabelle Stael).

Howest studentenhuisvesting The Lodge
Howest - Studentenhuis 'The Wing'

In Kortrijk

The Howest Wing


  • Rents depend on room type and range between €365and €470 per month.
  • All prices are subject to change and all prices include water, electricity, gas and internet.
  • Contract duration: 12 months (5 or 10 months for students on exchange)
  • There is a general non-smoking policy throughout the Howest Wing.


More info about "The Wing"? Contact simon.clinckemaillie [at] (Simon Clinckemaillie).

Student accommodation on the private market

For information on student accommodation on the private market, please visit our special housing website, Kotwest. Kotwest is a collaboration between Stuvo Howest, Stuvo Vives and Stuvo KU Leuven. On this database you will find all officially licensed student rooms.

If you are looking for a room on the private market, do consult the Flemish Housing Decree (In Dutch) for regulations regarding student rental agreements

Kotwest logo

Veelgestelde vragen over huisvesting

You can find all information about student housing on the student accommodation page.

No, our rent is all-in. There will be no final settlement at the end of the contract year.

For new students, the first rental contract has a duration of 11.5 months, from 15/09/21 to 31/08/22. The next contract runs for 12 months, from 01/09/22 to 31/08/23.

  • In Bruges, student home The Lodge is situated right next to the Howest Campus Brugge Station - BST5. The student home is just a 10-minute bike ride away from Howest Campus Brugge Centrum.
  • In Kortrijk, student home The Howest Wing is also a mere 10-minute bike ride away from Howest Campus Kortrijk Weide.

No, but our accommodations do have great communal kitchens. You can prepare your own meals, some students choose to cook together or whip up something tasty for each other in turn. On campus, students can buy a warm meal at very democratic rates. 

No, there are no time restrictions. Students are free to return to their accommodation whenever they want to. After 22h00 though, it is expected your respect other people’s peace and quiet.


Isabelle Stael

Isabelle Stael

Student residence The Lodge and private market

Student accommodation Bruges

    Simon Clinckemaillie

    Simon Clinckemaillie

    Student residence The Howest Wing and private market (Kortrijk)

    Student accommodation Kortrijk