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The Howest Foundation is an initiative of Howest University of Applied Sciences.

The foundation supports projects and research topics that focus on social responsibility and contribute to sustainable and global engagement.

  • Howest Foundation projects are small-scale, yet ambitious and have a sustainable impact
  • Howest Foundation research includes future-oriented research topics which Howest excels at and for which it has set long-term ambitions. 

All initiatives endorse Howest's driving principles: Give back to society, embody the values of serve - empower - care, and contribute to fulfilling its mission and vision.

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Howest Foundation Research

The 21st century has brought with it new and complex social issues that require new responses. Eco-systems of citizens, companies, organisations and governments are increasingly interconnected and must work together. We investigate the possibilities for further interactaction, co-creation and learning. In this way, we provide solutions for these new issues. 

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The fact is that people are living longer. Therefore, it is important to focus on healthy lifestyle choices and overall well-being in order to ensure a higher quality of life. Through a preventive and holistic approach, we want to enhance our understanding of health and well-being and explore how we can increase everyone’s quality of life in order to make our society stronger.

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Schools of the future will be dynamic and full of life, where young people are freer to move about and teachers more resilient. We want to create a future-oriented, innovative and above all feasible and sustainable educational movement. Now, more than ever, we are focusing on digital transformation, both in terms of pedagogy and use of infrastructure.

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Support the Howest Foundation

Would you like to support the projects and research being done by the Howest Foundation? 

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With a donation of 40 euros or more, you will receive a tax receipt, allowing you to recover 45% of the sum of your donation through your tax return.