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Research projects


The project 'Artificial Intelligence Inspiration' (Art-Ie) aims to strengthen the cross-border region of Flanders-Netherlands in the field of digital innovation, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).                                                                         

Bridges by Mentors

The project provides internationalization in the context of home, connecting international students with citizens from diverse backgrounds. As a result, an international boost is given to individuals who may not always be inclined to meet young people from another country.       


There is a high unemployment rate among young people in Uganda (83%, UBOS 2018). This is due to a significant skills gap and school dropouts. Many graduates (bachelors and masters) also struggle to find jobs due to limited skills.                                                  


For the manufacturing sector in the plastics industry, bridging the gap between prototypes and production is a challenge. Howest aims to provide guidance to companies in building end-product-oriented prototypes, enabling them to make better design decisions.                      


The objective is to create a Mixed Reality application that instructs students in proper and scientifically substantiated techniques for lifting and hoisting.                                                                                                                          



The project objective of Smart Services Bridge is to establish connections and synergies between businesses (SMEs) and higher education institutions in the cross-border region of Flanders-Netherlands to enhance innovation capacity in the region.                                   


Formative assessment and feedback (assessment for learning) is increasingly seen as a means to shape effective, differentiated teaching (Tomlinson, 2014 in Van den Branden, Ko et al., 2013). In practice, despite the available data and the many possibilities to process it, we see


PROMISED is an innovative research project that helps secondary school teachers address the development of scientific, digital, green and linguistic competencies in a second language in an inclusive and integrated way.                                                              


With AI-UPD8, the Howest research groups DAE Research and Business and Media want to be and remain a living knowledge and expertise center for every Flemish SME that has questions about generative AI, wants to be inspired or needs guidance on implementation.                      

YET 20

"The best is YET to come" builds on the research project YET (Youth Environment & engagement Tool) that was commissioned by the Flemish Community, Department of the Environment and fitted into the grant call "Together we imagine space."