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Research projects


Blockchain, as a technology or rather as a concept, is still relatively young but has generated significant interest and enthusiasm worldwide among citizens, civic organizations, businesses, service providers, and governments.                                                      


The healthcare system in Belgium has been facing several challenges in recent years, including the cost of quality healthcare, changes in the demographic population, exponential growth in technological applications, and a growing number of people with multiple chronic conditions.


Creativ'Up aims to support cross-border innovation initiatives in the cultural and creative sector through inspiration, networking, enhancement of entrepreneurial skills, and innovation/change coaching.                                                                              


LoREco, as an ESF transition project, aims to explore ways to achieve this goal. The objective is to strengthen the local economy and social fabric within cities by using a complementary currency and a guaranteed income linked to it.                                               


More and more people are convinced of the importance of living in an environment that offers ample opportunities for physical activity. The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to this, as many people rediscovered their own neighborhoods during lockdowns.                            


Howest and Sport Flanders have developed expertise in the niche field of 'exergames' or 'interactive movement games' through the Sports Innovation Campus. Through this collaboration, we are establishing a space for research, education, and services on this theme. From Howest, our


During this project, an online learning platform is being developed where educational objectives related to digital competencies can be addressed.                                                                                                                                      

brand Y

According to Eurostat, in the EU-28, there were 4.4 million students in 2017 studying business, administration, or law. The job market for graduates with this profile is dynamic, with voluminous expectations from employers.                                                         


The city of Bruges owns a diverse and rich heritage, comprising more than 500 buildings, making it one of the largest property owners in Bruges and its surrounding areas. The city aims to be a pioneer in new developments.                                                           

Future Flemish Pig

The overall goal of the ICON project is to acquire knowledge about current challenges in pig production and processing chains in Flanders and enhance collaboration throughout the chain.