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Research projects

AI Pathfinder

The overall aim of the AI-PathFinder project is to investigate how Flemish food companies should be supported in developing their AI strategies, thereby accelerating the concrete adoption of AI.                                                                                      


Since January 2021, SIOPA (Smart Immersive Occupational Performance Assessment) has been underway as a practice-oriented scientific research project (PWO). VR (Virtual Reality) applications are being developed for individuals with acquired brain injury and visual difficulties.   

Healthy Howest

The Healthy Howest project aims to develop a health policy for Howest students and staff. A policy plan is being devised to promote physical, mental, and social well-being among both staff and students.                                                                              


How can we protect industrial networks from cyberattacks by using artificial intelligence to predict hackers' behavior? GAICIA (Utilizing Behavior-Based Artificial Intelligence Against Cyber-Industrial Attacks) seeks to answer this question during this research.                  


From the Level-Up project, a follow-up initiative has been established, aimed at professionalizing teachers of the 3rd grade in secondary education focusing on the labor market and double finality, enabling them to enhance digital competencies and data literacy of their students.


Reading comprehension is a crucial skill for students. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the reading proficiency and enjoyment of students in vocational-oriented programs. To encourage them to read more, the Close Reading methodology will be employed.           


The collaboration between partners with technical expertise was initiated in the pilot projects AR4Industry and ConstructionSiteVision.                                                                                                                                                 


Within this project, the Howest Academy aims to promote lifelong learning in the workplace and actively broaden access to the knowledge and expertise of the university from the perspective of open science.                                                                           

Blue Balance

The Blue BALANCE project aims to create support among citizens and tourists for sustainable economic activities along the coast (including coastal protection, blue food, renewable energy, ports, and tourism).                                                                        

UPSKILL Blue Energy

To support the growth and development of the economically significant sector 'Blue Energy,' a state-of-the-art training center is being established in Bluebridge at the Ostend Science Park, in collaboration with POM West Flanders.