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Howest University of Applied Sciences is more than a place where young people come to learn. As a knowledge institution, one of our main tasks is to act as a research and service partner to organisations and businesses in West-Flanders – and of course beyond.

What’s in it for me?

To be able to help your organisation or business, our researchers continuously screen new evolutions and technology to identify opportunities for optimisation and innovation. Moreover, you can also use our state-of-the-art infrastructure to test and develop novelties.
You prefer to learn more during a face-to-face meeting and get introduced to one of our experts? You can, thanks to the Blikopener program of the Flemish Government.

research [at] (Ask your question)

Discover our areas of expertise

Tech & IT

Howest is Flanders’ top tech & IT higher education institute with extensive expertise in artificial intelligence, as well as cybersecurity, Web3, the metaverse... Thanks to innovative research that is relevant to all kinds of industries, we help make a difference for people, businesses and society.

The state-of-the-art research infrastructure at the AI Lab, HITlab en Cyber 3 Lab i is perfectly equipped to help you face the challenges that come with digital transformation and answer your most important questions.

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Teaching is fantastic, even with the challenges this job comes with. Work at the EdHub research and service centre is based on three highly topical subjects in education today: digital didactics, wellbeing and a project-based teaching approach.

Our research spans methods to enhance education opportunities for vulnerable youngsters, as well as digitising tools and introducing XR in education programs.

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Lager onderwijs

Product design, Digital Design & Arts

At Howest, we are true technology, multimedia and computer science aficionados, which we gladly combine with lots of enthusiasm for creativity. Within the Product Design, Digital Design & Arts domain, we support different industries: businesses active in sustainable solutions and recycling, sport coaches diving into remote coaching, the care and rehabilitation sector…

A large part of this research takes place in the Industrial Design Centre, the beating heart of the Industrial Product Design curriculum, and soon also in the Circular Solution Lab.

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studenten in het atelier

Architecture, Energy and Construction

In the Architecture, Energy and Construction area of expertise, we research sustainable construction methods, smart energy and water management systems… Our experts work on the newest trends and strategies, the most innovative techniques and materials, to support organisations, businesses and government bodies in their challenges for the future.
Howest runs Energy Lab, a state-of-the art research centre, and is a partner of VEG-i-TEC, a testing ground for vegetable and potato processing plants looking to innovate their production processes.

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postgraduaat circulair bouwen

Health & Health care

From innovation in medical technology to preventive health care, improved patient care and efficiency in the use of medical supplies… the scope of research in Health & Health care at Howest is wide.

Did you know that Howest, in collaboration with POM West-Vlaanderen, is building a digital health lab? As from spring 2025, as a business, you’ll be able to access the latest digital tools, test new products and services and get support in launching these to the market.

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Laptops en tablet

Media & Communication

Is your brand targeting Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2009)? Then you experienced first-hand how hard it is to reach this generation of digital natives. What are the best ways to contact them and convince them to buy your product? What is the best way for a business in Flemish retail to react to the growing popularity of online shopping? How do youngsters perceive the news, today and tomorrow?

Howest’s Gen Z Lab focusses on the future generation and shares their insights with businesses, organisations and public bodies.

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Na de opleiding Videostorytelling voor Social Media ben je een witte raaf

Business & Entrepreneur­ship

The world of business keeps changing at tremendous speed. You want to future-proof your business? Test new ideas to stay ahead of the competition? With Howest by your side, you can rest assured. Incentivising responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is part of our mission.

Our Business & Entrepreneurship research explores the newest in technology, such as AI, XR, Web3, blockchain, ... The Business Innovation Lab shows you the opportunities these kinds of technology might open for your business.

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Bedrijfsmanagement studenten aan het werk

People & Society

Howest has a heart for students and society. This transpires in our People & Society area of expertise, which concentrates on societal challenges in the social profit industry.

We focus on innovative methods and tools to stimulate this sector’s growth and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That way, we contribute to a warm and inclusive society that paves ways forward for elderly people, less-abled people, refugees and other rather vulnerable groups.

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healthy ageing

Sports, Tourism & Recreation

The Sports innovation campus in Bruges, a collab between Howest and Sport Vlaanderen Brugge, is the living lab for innovation in sports and sports science. Acting as a life-simulating testing ground, this is where projects, research and services contributing to innovation in these areas are being designed.

Next to that, our colleagues of the Vital Cities expert centre are renowned for their practical research into public space design and the impact this has on people’s behaviour and choices. This centre focalises on an environment that accommodates moving around, working out and socialising.

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studenten sporten in het sic