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Howest, Voka, and Alert! are collaborating on a pilot project for a qualifying training program (a higher education program in HR support) designed for working students. Starting from September 2020, Howest introduced this HR program tailored specifically for working students. The project aims to create a flexible program, emphasizing blended learning.

The analysis of various barriers will be a part of the project. Based on previous experience, we already recognize several logical challenges/barriers. The working student is viewed as a whole individual within different contexts of work, life, and learning. The interactive aspects of the analysis can be further reflected in potential adjustments to the program. The focus is currently on extending the duration of study and blended learning (what the educators can do). Another approach is to collaborate with businesses to determine which components can be learned in the workplace and which ones at school. This approach allows for tailored programs with microcomponents.

Individual study and/or guidance for working students will be essential and will be provided.