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Within URBAN XR LAB, we will explore how to actively engage 14+ youth in (re)designing spaces, focusing onsustainable use of space and the potential of Extended Reality (XR) for visualization and simulation of designs.

We immerse young people in the subject matter through demonstrations, workshops and a company visit. Then we challenge them through a design sprint and end with a concrete virtual concept presented to a wide audience.

We organize co-creation sessions with experts from research groups GenZ-lab, Vital Cities and HitLab, the programs Built Environment and Social Readaptation Sciences, as well as the XR company ULiA. The knowledge gained from three different test tracks will be recorded in a roadmap with accompanying templates, instruction sheets and/or videos. We are also developing a roadmap with concrete tools and inspiring examples to support STEM academies and youth organizations in setting up similar STEM trajectories.