IT Support for Students and Visitors

IT Support for Students and Visitors

ICT Helpdesk

You have permanent access (24/7), both on laptop and smartphone, to the Leho learning platform and your course timetable.

Do you have problems with the Wi-Fi, logins or your laptop? The ICT helpdesk will gladly to help you on your way.

  • Call the helpdesk on 050/89 35 77
  • Every working day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Or mail to
  • Or physically visit the helpdesk employee at your campus.
    Campus Brugge centrum: Joren Dendooven - room BCE.C.1.004
    Campus Brugge station: Nicolas Du Moulin - room BST5.B.0.004 (next to the cafetaria) - closed on Wednesday afternoon
    Campus Kortrijk weide: Klaas Buggenhout - room KWE.A.0.102 (close to the Forum) - closed on Thursday afternoon

Most asked ICT questions

1. How do I get access to the Wi-Fi?

For students and staff members

Select the wireless network 'eduroam' and enter your Howest login and password.

Is your account not activated yet? Then you can connect to the network 'onthaaldagen' during the kick-off week to activate your account. After the kick-off week you do this via your mobile hotspot or on your home network.

The first time that you use eduroam, the system will ask you whether you trust the wireless network's certificate. Accept the certificate. After that, you will be connected to eduroam, the wireless network of Howest.

If eduroam does not appear in the list of available networks, you probably have an older laptop or smartphone. In that case, choose the network eduroam-2.4. The login procedure is identical, but the speed of this network is slightly slower. You can solve the connection problem of your old laptop by purchasing a Wi-Fi USB-dongle. Make sure the dongle supports at least Wi-Fi-5.

Connection problems:

If you cannot connect with eduroam or eduroam-2.4, this can be for various reasons. Below are some possible causes.

Minimum operating system

Make sure your operating system meets at least:

  • Windows: Windows 10 build 1809
  • Macbook: MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)


If you can connect to the network, but can't get internet, your DNS is set incorrectly. Set your DNS to automatic by following this step-by-step plan.

Technical info:

  • Network name/SSID: eduroam
  • Security type: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption type: AES
  • Authentication method: PEAP
  • Authentication protocol: MSCHAP
  • Sub-authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP V2MSCHAP V2
  • Certificates: Do not validate
  • Domain:
2. How do I (re)activate my Howest account?

For security reasons, Howest never communicates passwords via email. That is why we ask you to set your password yourself using the ‘wachtwoord reset methode’ or 'password reset method'.

This application allows you to set a password. The system will send a verification code to your private e-mailadres (so, your Gmail email address, your Telenet email address, ...). Sometimes, the message with the verification method ends up in your spam folder. So please check there as well.

Set your password

  • Enter your Howest login. If you don't remember it, you can find it in the email Howest sent to your personal email address. 
  • Fill in the captcha code
  • Click on the Next button
  • Choose a verification method and follow the instructions on the screen

Choose a new password that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • At least 14 characters and maximum 256 characters
  • Choose a sufficiently difficult password that meets 3 of the following criteria: 
    • Lowercase letters.
    • Uppercase letters.
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Symbols
3. How do I have access to my Howest (web)mail?

All Howest email communication is effected through your Howest email address. So, you should consult this mailbox regularly. 

Consult your emails in the browser by surfing to


Configure your (mobile) device using following tutorials:

4. How do I log in on the learning platform Leho?

All communication about the modules for which you enrolled is effected through the learning platform LEHO. Use your preferred browser and surf to


Install the app for android and iOS devices. Via this app you will receive all Leho notifications also directly on your smartphone.  When installing the app, you have to indicate which school you’re studying at. Select Howest and log in with your Howest account and password.  

Android devicesiOS devices

Basic introduction

Add your profile picture

If you want to use Leho in another language, follow the instruction video below

Add your Leho calendar to your Howest outlook agenda and don't miss any single deadline

5. How do I consult my course timetable?

In your course timetable you will find where and when your classes take place.

Go to 
If you are an employee of Howest, the link to your timetable is

Logon with your Howest account. You will see your personal schedule.
Make sure you are looking at the correct week.


  • You can only see your classes in your personal schedule after your registration has processed and your courses are added to your contract.
  • If you do not see all the courses that are included in your contract, you are not added to a classgroup (or studentset). In this case, you should contact your study track advisor.
6. How do I (re)charge my student card to pay on the campus?

The Howest campuses are completely cashless. This means that, in the restaurants and at the drink dispensers, you can only pay with a bank card or with your student card. Printing on the campus is only possible with your student card.

You can (re)charge your student card via and with all common debit and credit cards. 

7. How do I consult my file in the student administration?

iBamaflex is the portal of the Howest student administration.

On that portal you will find:

  • Your study contract with all the course units for which you are enrolled.
  • Your list of books and study materials.
  • The certificate for your train or bus pass.
  • The transfer form for your tuition fees and extra study costs.

Do you still have questions on that subject? Feel free to contact the student service desk

8. How do I order something in a Howest restaurant?

In the campus in Brugge it is possible to order a meal online (before 9:00 a.m.) and pay. In this way you avoid long queues.

In some campuses it is possible to order a meal online (before 9:00 a.m.) and pay. In this way you avoid long queues.

To do so, surf to log in with your Howest account and password. Select the right campus and order.

Payment is deducted from the balance on your student card. (See above: Howest myNetPay).

Other frequently asked ICT questions

1. How can I efficiently work from home (via VPN)?

To use some online applications from home you need a secure connection (VPN).

Follow the instruction video to install VPN. You need VPN for the following application:

  • Library
  • ...

Install and configure FortiClient VPN

The installation file (FortiClient VPN) can be downloaded at There, choose Windows or MacOS, depending on the computer you are using.

  1. Start the FortiClient VPN
  2. Click Configure VPN to set up the connection
  3. In the next menu, select IPsec VPN.
  4. In the Connection Name field you can enter Howest VPN.
  5. For Remote Gateway you enter this IP address:
  6. Under Authentication Method Pre-shared Key copy the following string: H5ATYtdI^evWIuu+UOIz|XhJ
    !! Be careful not to copy extra spaces otherwise the connection will not work !!
  7. Click Save to save the connection.
2. How can I print something on campus?

Printer copiers are available to students in each building.

To print a document, you have to upload it via to the print server.

You pay for your copies at the printer with your charged student card at the rates below.

  A4 A3
Black/white €0.03 €0.06
Color €0.30 €0.60




Pay attention!

  • Double-sided printing is charged at double rate.
  • Be sure to check the color settings if you don't accidentally want your entire course in expensive color printing.
3. I get a message that my Howest account will expire soon. What should I do?

As a Howest student you get a Howest student account.
When you're no long studying at Howest, your Howest student account will be made inactive.
This might have consequences for some applications that are linked with your Howest account.

  1. Access to Leho will be disabled
    Download all needed material if necessary.
  2. Access to your Howest MS365 account will be disabled
    OneDrive files can't be consulted anymore.
    Make a back-up if you still need them.
  3. Access to your Howest mailbox will be disabled
    In case you used your Howest account to access certain applications or websites you’ll need to switch them to a different account.
  4. Access to laptop or PC with your Howest Windows account will be disabled
    You might still use your Howest account to log in to Windows.
    To know what account you currently use, go to “Start” – “Settings” – “Accounts”. Under “Your info” you can see what e-mail adress is linked to your account.
    If this is your Howest e-mail address, click on “Sign in with a local account instead”.
    To proceed, you first need to log in with the password of your Howest account.
    Then you create a local account. You log off and log in again with this local account. In the same menu under “Your info” you can add another Microsoft account.
  5. Combell hosting 
    Combell automatically renews your active services and sends the invoice to your Howest e-mail address. Do not forget to change your invoice settings if you wish to continue using their services. If you wish to cancel the service, you can find more information on Combell's web page

4. How can I use multi-factor authentication on my Howest account?

Starting with MFA

What is MFA?

MFA is an abbreviation of Multi Factor Authentication.

With MFA an extra verification is added to your login. The first step is entering your password. The second step is confirming that you really are who you say you are with a different method.

It's a security tool added to your login process.


Tip: Set up SMS code or phone call verification as the first method. It is a simple and intuitive method to get started with MFA. That way you can still login when your preferred method is not available, for example after a factory reset or when transferring your apps and data to a new device.

Follow these steps to activate MFA:

  1. Open a browser and surf to
  2. Enter your Howest e-mail address. You will be redirected to the login screen.
  3. Log in with your Howest password.
  4. Click on "Next".
  5. Click on " Add Method".

  6. Select the method you wish to use.
    • Verification using a SMS code or a phone call
      Start with this method.
    • Authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone
      The most user-friendly and safe method in daily use, but a bit more cumbersome to start with.
    • Authentication using any other authenticator app such as Google authenticator, LastPass, Authy, Aegis, etc.
      Please note: the helpdesk does not support these alternative apps.
    • Authentication using a Security key
      NB. This method is only used in exceptional situations.

  7. Click on "Add"

It is strongly recommended that you set up multiple multi-factor authentication methods. This way you can still access your account, even in the event of loss or when you do not have your device at hand.

Method 1: Verification with SMS code or phone call

This is a very simple method to get started with MFA.
Follow these steps to add a phone number:

  1. Click on "Add method".

  2. Select "Phone" and click on "Add".
  3. Select "Belgium (+32)" and fill in your phone number.
    Note: Your (mobile) number will not be visible within the organization.
  4. Then choose between "Send me a code via SMS" or "Call".

    Code via sms

    • If you choose "Send me a code via SMS", you will receive a 6 digit code.

    • Enter the 6-digit code on the computer and click "Next".

    • You will receive a confirmation. Click on "Done".


    • If you select "Call", you will receive a phone call at the phone number you entered. This can be a mobile or a landline number.

    • You will be called by a Microsoft service with the automatic message: "Thank you for using Microsoft's authentication system. Press the hash to complete the verification".
    • Press the hash (#). A confirmation will appear on your computer.

    • Click on "Done".
    • Then you can change the Default Sign-in method by clicking "Change" and selecting the method (Phone-text for sms - Phone-call for call).


    Tip: Also add a second phone number as an alternative. This can be useful in the event of theft or loss of your mobile phone.
    You add an alternative number in exactly the same way as the first telephone number. (Add method > Phone > Enter phone number)

    Note: This method becomes unusable if you change your phone number or, temporarily, if your device is lost.

Method 2: Verification with the Microsoft Authenticator app

The Microsoft Authenticator app is supported by the helpdesk and recommended for everyday use as it is the most user-friendly and secure method for MFA.

Follow these steps to set up authentication with the Microsoft Authenticator app:

  1. If you choose the Authenticator app method, you will see the screen below on your computer:

  2. Take your smartphone and go to the App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android) or Microsoft Store (Windows Phone) to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. to download.
  3. Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator-app.

    Tip: Do you have an iPhone? Make sure that the Microsoft Authenticator app is allowed to send you push messages, so that you can approve them. To do this, go to Settings > Notifications > select the Microsoft Authenticator app and enable "Allow Notifications".

  4. Installation succesfull? Click on "Next" on your computer screen.
  5. You will see a QR code on your computer screen. It looks like this:

  6. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone and select "Scan QR Code".
    The app will request access to the camera to scan the QR code. Select "Allow".
  7. Point your camera at the QR code to scan it (as if you were taking a picture of it). Your Howest account will now be added to the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  8. Click "Next" on your computer screen.
  9. You will receive a test code on your smartphone. Tap "Approve".
  10. A confirmation will appear on your computer screen. Click on "Done".
    The Microsoft Authenticator app is now in your list of methods.

From the next day you will need the Microsoft Authenticator app to access Office 365 applications (OneDrive for Business, Teams, SharePoint Online,…).
On a trusted device, it will take 30 days before you will be asked to use MFA again.

Tip: Now you can also add other methods. We recommend setting up more than 1 method, so you can also log in if you don't have your smartphone with you.

Note: This method becomes unusable if you delete the Microsoft Authenticator app, after a factory reset, or when transferring apps and data to a new device.

Method 3: Verify using another authenticator app

In addition to the Microsoft Authenticator app, you can also use another authenticator app such as Google Authenticator, LastPass, Authy, Aegis Authenticator, etc.

Note: The helpdesk does not support these alternative apps. So only use it if you are already familiar with it yourself.

If you choose this method, you must manually add an account in the authenticator app by entering an account name and secret key.
Detailed instructions for adding accounts can be found in the manual of the chosen app.

Follow these steps to set up authentication with another authenticator app:

  1. Click on "Add method".

  2. Select "Authenticator-app" and click on "Add".
  3. You will be asked to download the Microsoft Authenticator App. Click on "I want to use a different authenticator app".

  4. After you have downloaded and installed the app, click "Next".
  5. Add your Howest account to your authenticator app. This can be done in two ways:
    • From the smartphone on which you installed the authenticator app

      You can copy the account name and secret key by clicking on the documents icon (). Then paste it into your authenticator app.

      Then click on "Next".

    • Using another device (laptop, desktop, tablet, ..)

      This is the most user-friendly method. A QR code will be displayed that you can scan with your authenticator app.

      If not already done, you will have to give the app access to the camera. After scanning, your Howest account will be added automatically.
      Then click on "Next".

  6. As a final step, you will be asked to enter the six digits code. You can find this code when you tap on your account in the authenticator app.

Method 4: Authentication using a security key

In this fourth option, you use a security key (USB security key) to log in. This method is only used in exceptional situations.

  1. Follow these steps to set up Authentication with a Security Key:
  2. Click on "Add method".

  3. Select "Security key" and click on "Add".
  4. Click on "Next" and register with MFA.
  5. Follow the manual of the Security key (go to
  6. You will have to choose a PIN code for your security key. Don't forget it.
  7. How to reset a security key if you lose the pin code, can also be found in the manual.

Note: This security key method cannot be used to set-up MFA. So if you want to start with MFA you will need a telephone number anyway. You can add this method afterwards.

If desired, you can purchase a security key yourself.

We recommend the YubiKey 5 NFC .

Note: Make sure to purchase a security key that supports the FIDO2 protocol .

Hardware for students

"Every student at Howest needs a laptop that meets the requirements of their chosen course."

Each course requires specific hardware. With these proposed device specifications, students will be perfectly equipped to follow all the lessons of the course.

Through our partner, Academic Shop, Howest students can join the group purchase for their laptop and other hardware. This includes an advantageous warranty and service package. Each student is, of course, free to purchase the appropriate hardware through another outlet. In that case, pay close attention to the technical specifications and the service and warranty offered. 

The models for next academic year 2022-23 have been selected (*). 
Below you can consult configurations and corresponding prices (incl. 3 years guaranteed, next-business-day on-campus service / replacement, 2 years for Apple devices). 

Check the hardware for your course