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Research projects


The CyberHubs project aims to improve the cybersecurity skills ecosystem in Europe by establishing a network of 7 Cybersecurity Skills Hubs in Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain.                                                                        


Howest aims to develop and open up advanced research infrastructure to support Flemish companies, governments, organizations and citizens during their digitalization. In that context, Howest will establish a WEB3 & Metaverse Experience Lab.                                        

Brugge beweegt

The project Bruges Moves is a structural collaboration between Howest and the City of Bruges to engage students in encouraging all residents of Bruges to participate in physical activity.                                                                                             


Flexicap aims to unlock collective insights regarding the implementation of the digital meter. In doing so, it aims to create contemporary solutions for consumers to better manage their energy bills.                                                                                 


This project demonstrates best practices for Flemish SMEs to handle their data more maturely. Utilizing the most efficient technologies, we ensure that unstructured data is transformed into valuable big data.                                                                        


With Rethink Energy 4 Food, the project consortium aims to accelerate the energy transition in the Flemish food industry. New technology solutions are being developed at foodcompanies to contribute to the Flemish 2030 goals.                                                        


An international consortium collaborates on innovation in palliative care education of bachelor-degree nurses.

Health Tech Labs

'Upscaling Health Tech labs for Accelerating Innovations' aims to expand the digital health knowledge boulevard from Bruges. After all, the many digital technologies (MHealth, XR, AI big data,...) do not yet always find their way to the customer and the healthcare professional.  


Drone transport is and remains of the most important applications due to its logistical potential, cost efficiency, environmental friendliness and deployability for high-risk tasks. With Vertiports, West Flanders is being prepared for the evolution towards unmanned air traffic.