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To improve effectively, companies must be able to assess their situation and select the right technologies. Both aspects do not appear to be evident for SMEs. This project aims to build a research infrastructure to set up demonstrations/validations.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. The realization of a research infrastructure that can facilitate measurement and experimentation campaigns at SMEs to validate manufacturing innovations in their specific business context.
  2. Demonstrably quantify the impact of these technologies on the Manufacturing Excellence of the SME.

An industrial advisory group will be installed during the project to help determine which measurement campaigns and new technologies will be purchased and developed. Industrial test cases will be carried out to validate the research infrastructure. The goal is to have mobile research infrastructure available for accompanying SMEs. In addition to the measurement and test campaigns (e.g. energy monitoring, visualization of product flows, operator effectiveness, 3D scan production environment) at the company itself, more in-depth analyses (e.g. determining optimal technology to support the operator, testing the impact of different production control methods via simulation) will also be carried out in the operations and operator experience centers at the knowledge partners.