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Commuting to and from campus? A Stuvo staff member will be happy to help you on your way.

We love to bike in Belgium!

The most efficient way to get around town is by bike.

In Bruges

In Bruges you pay 6 euro a month. The minimum rental period is 3 months. Starting from August, you can reserve your bike online. In Bruges the number of bikes is limited, so be quick to register.

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In Kortrijk

In Kortrijk, you pay 6 euro a month, you can reserve your bike online.

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Public transportation

Thanks to Stuvo you get a reduction of 35% on the purchase of your buzzy pass (-24 years of age) or omni-pass (+ 25 years of age). Apply now on-line! This reduction is only valid for applications via this link.

Please note: Your pass will not be activated until at least 14 days after your application. So, make sure to apply on time!

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Upon presentation of your enrolment certificate, you can purchase an NMBS school pass or campus card. With this pass / card, you can travel at discounted student rates.


The carpool portal for students

Don’t have any way to get to campus, or you find it unpleasant to drive on your own? The carpool application for commuters is now available for students. You may find a fellow student from your neighbourhood to drive together with you.

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The Level

By car or bus and bike

MOBI abonnement Brugge

Each student of Howest Brugge has the option to buy a MOBI pass at the price of €20/month/per vehicle with which you can park on the large parking lot (Brugge Interparking) at the front side of the train station of Brugge Interparking. Address: Buiten Begijnevest, 8000 Bruges.

This parking lot is the ideal transfer for public transport: all buses of De Lijn pass through here. With the MOBI pass you can use public bus transport for free between the station and the inner city.

To use this service, go to the reception desk of campus St. Jorisstraat 71 or campus Rijselstraat 5 to receive, upon presentation of your student card, the required documentation.

Once you have this document, you can complete the application form and take it to: NV INTERPARKING Disctrict Vlaanderen, Hoefijzerlaan 12 - 8000 Brugge - or to the office found at the exit of the Interparking parking lot.

If you wish to cancel your pass for any reason, you’ll need to do so a month in advance at the Interparking desk.

Park + Bike of Bus Wembley Kortrijk

You can park your car for free at Parking Wembly - Moorseelsestraat 116 Kortrijk. This parking and bike/bus lot is 1 km away from Howest - The Level and 2.5 km away from Howest - Graaf Karel de Goedelaan. From this lot, you can take a free bus to and from Kortrijk Station (bus lines 42 and 62). The closest bus stop is De Appel.

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By Car

For Howest Kortrijk – Graaf Karel de Goedelaan, Howest Kortrijk – The Level and Howest Kortrijk – Budafabriek, it is recommended to use the car parks at BUDA and HAVEN.

  • PARKING BUDA, the rate is 35 Euros/month (< 1,50 Euros/day)
  • PARKING HAVEN, the rate is 20 Euros/month (< 1,00 Euro/day).

This rate is only valid from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 20:00, with a pass. You can apply for your pass at the reception desk of Howest Kortrijk - The Level. Bring your identity card and student card with you. You will also need to purchase a badge (one-time fee of 15 Euros).

The Level
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If you are studying in the city, you don’t need your own car, right? By foot, by bike, by train, by bus or by tram, you will get wherever you need (or want) to be. Most of the time that is, but every now and then a car can be useful.

Luckily, there is a special car sharing tariff just for you! Cambio CAMPUS gives you the freedom to use a car whenever you need one, without having to buy a car yourself.

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Studenten komen met de fiets aan Brugge


Isabelle Stael in Bruges

isabelle.stael [at] howest.betitle="Isabelle Stael" / +32 (0) 479 91 71 17

Simon Clinckemaillie in Kortrijk

simon.clinckemaillie [at] / +32 (0) 497 71 00 05