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The project aims to establish and develop the Digital Health Lab in West Flanders, focusing primarily on digital preventive health.

The Digital Health Lab will consist of three main components:

i) Demonstration Component: Companies, healthcare partners, and citizens will be inspired by state-of-the-art digital tools derived from the valorization and/or innovation components of the Digital Health Lab.

ii) Innovation Component: In consultation and collaboration with companies, the lab will research, evidence-based test, and develop preventive digital tools for the healthcare sector. This component will monitor new technological advancements in preventive digital health and assess their applicability within healthcare organizations.

iii) Valorization Component: New preventive digital tools will be valorized in collaboration with companies. Businesses will receive guidance in various aspects of the go-to-market process for their products.

The Digital Health Lab represents a coordinated collaboration between Howest (as an educational institution) and POM West Flanders (as a governmental institution) to facilitate networking and connections with companies and healthcare partners.