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Research projects


For the manufacturing sector in the plastics industry, bridging the gap between prototypes and production is a challenge. Howest aims to provide guidance to companies in building end-product-oriented prototypes, enabling them to make better design decisions.                      


This practice-based research challenges how designers can explore new concepts related to the sustainable development of ecosystems from more-than-human perspectives.                                                                                                                  

GalvanEyez Infra

Creating digital content (marketing campaigns, websites, apps and VR/AR applications) requires a thorough understanding of end-user experiences and responses. Traditional methods such as surveys provide valuable insights, but often miss the unconscious responses.                 

CICO hub

Southwest Flanders is renowned as Belgium's production hub, hosting one out of every three manufacturing companies in the country. Many of these organizations are under pressure to transform into industries that handle available materials and resources in a more sustainable manne


How has the Flemish coastal landscape evolved over the past 5000 years, both at sea and on land? Which areas were flooded and eroded during storm surges? What archaeological traces of past habitation and exploitation are preserved on land and in the sea?                          


Creativ'Up aims to support cross-border innovation initiatives in the cultural and creative sector through inspiration, networking, enhancement of entrepreneurial skills, and innovation/change coaching.                                                                              


Howest and Sport Flanders have developed expertise in the niche field of 'exergames' or 'interactive movement games' through the Sports Innovation Campus. Through this collaboration, we are establishing a space for research, education, and services on this theme. From Howest, our


In the research group at Ghent University, a methodology was developed during a doctoral study to simplify and make the manual assembly process more intuitive, even during the product development stage.                                                                 

Blue Balance

The Blue BALANCE project aims to create support among citizens and tourists for sustainable economic activities along the coast (including coastal protection, blue food, renewable energy, ports, and tourism).