Studying involves costs

Are you experiencing difficulties or do you want to be well prepared? The student facilities service (STUVO) is the right place to help you out!

Together with a social service staff member, you can check your eligibility for study financing. The procedure is always the same:

Step 1

If you are entitled to a scholarship of the Flemish Government, you can receive an advance payment.

How to apply for a scholarship?

  1. Surf to the website
  2. Click on the green bar "submit your application"
  3. Choose the option that allows you to log in:
    • Via the itsme app on your phone
    • Via your identity card and pin code
      To log in, you need to use the student's credentials
  4. Enter the requested information > click next
  5. Start-up preference: make a choice > click on next
  6. Access to my file: the student can give access to the parents or a parent can request access. Make a choice > click on finish
  7. If applicable, you may receive later an email asking to add additional documents by uploading them in the tool.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the student facilities service on your campus. Contact details can be found via Stuvo.

The scholarship tariff is subject to effective approval from the department of the Flemish Government.

Step 2

Is there a need for study financing in addition to the scholarship of the Flemish Government? Based on a financial file, a staff member can check whether study financing via Stuvo is possible.

This could, for example, be for a laptop/tablet, a study trip, support in renting accommodation or another study cost. A tailor-made solution is aimed, taking into account your financial possibilities.

More information

Student job

In addition to study financing, a student job is also a source of income. You can address a staff member of the Stuvo social service for advice and support for anything related to student jobs.

To support you in your quest for a student job, we put incoming job applications on a 'working student system. If you are interested, make sure to have a look!

Studenten aan het werk in Kortrijk

Allowances for students?

Sometimes a student is eligible for a living wage or unemployment allowances. Or perhaps you combine work, study and/or family. A Stuvo staff member is at your service!

Your statute as a student

Because of your statute as a student, you have a number of advantages in the field of social security, taxes, child allowances ... There are also limits to these advantages. To check your rights and obligations as a student, you can contact centen voor studenten’ or ‘Student@work’.

For more information and custom advice, address a staff member of the Stuvo social service.


Campus Brugge Station - BST

Address: Rijselstraat 3A, 8200 Brugge

Ann-Sofie Verhelst

  • Available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • ann-sofie.verhelst [at] howest.betitle="Ann-Sofie Verhelst"
  • +32 476 86 08 05

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Charlotte Hinderyckx

  • Available on Thursdays
  • charlotte.hinderyckx [at] howest.betitle="Charlotte Hinderyckx"
  • +32 471 98 04 12

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Campus Brugge Centrum

Address: Sint-Jorisstraat 71, 8000 Brugge

Charlotte Hinderyckx

  • Available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays
  • charlotte.hinderyckx [at] howest.betitle="Charlotte Hinderyckx"
  • +32 471 98 04 12

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Campus Kortrijk Weide - Gebouw A en B

Adres: Graaf Karel De Goedelaan 32, 8500 Kortrijk

Marie-Laure Paermentier

  • Available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday
  • marie-laure.paermentier [at] howest.betitle="Marie-Laure Paermentier"
  • +32 477 81 01 75

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Aline Devoldere

  • Available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Friday
  • aline.devoldere [at]
  • +32 473 64 24 92

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Ria Vermote


The staff of Howest's student facilities service respects your privacy. Your data are collected and processed to process your application for scholarships, socio-legal advice, psychosocial support and participation in training courses.

You can read here all about which data are processed and how we handle this correctly.