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Studying involves costs

Stuvo's social services department is ready to support you in all discretion in case of financial questions. Together with a social service staff member, you can check your eligibility for study financing.


As a student in higher education, you can receive a scholarship from the Flemish government to pay for your studies. To be eligible for a scholarship, you have to meet several conditions such as nationality conditions. You can find more information about the nationality conditions over here (in Dutch).

You can contact the social services department to check whether you are entitled to a scholarship, to calculate it, to apply for and to complete the file. You can also apply for an advance payment on your scholarship. The amount of the advance is always in proportion to the amount of your actual scholarship.

How to apply for a scholarship?

  1. Go to (Dutch)
  2. Click on the green bar "submit your application"
  3. Log in with 'Itsme' or with your ID-card, PIN and eID card reader.
  4. Complete your profile by entering your details.
  5. After you have received an e-mail from the scholarship service, you can log in again to answer additional questions and/or add documents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the social services.

Study financing

Is there a need for study financing in addition to the scholarship of the Flemish Government? Based on a financial file, a staff member can check whether study financing via Stuvo is possible.

This could, for example, be for a laptop/tablet, a study trip, support in renting accommodation or another study cost. A tailor-made solution is aimed, taking into account your financial possibilities.

For more information you can contact the social services.

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Student job

In addition to study financing, a student job is also a source of income. You can address a staff member of the Stuvo social service for advice and support for anything related to student jobs.

You can find a student job via interim offices, via the VDAB of via our 'working student system. If you are interested, make sure to have a look!

Studenten aan het werk in Kortrijk


The staff of Howest's student facilities service respects your privacy. Your data are collected and processed to process your application for scholarships, socio-legal advice, psychosocial support and participation in training courses.

You can read here all about which data are processed and how we handle this correctly.