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Research projects

Satellietenmodel WH

With this project, we aim to foster a culture of learning and enthusiasm for learning in the Westhoek region. Howest acts as a knowledge partner in defining a matrix with LLL formats and, together with Syntra, will shape a learning network involving businesses.                   


This project focuses on digital transformation in government. How can we enhance, expedite, and innovate public services to citizens through new technologies?                                                                                                                          


In this project, we will explore the potential of utilizing the River Leie as a heat source to efficiently and intelligently warm future buildings of Howest and the city of Kortrijk.                                                                                                  


The clinical (pediatric) ophthalmic practice is confronted daily with the limitations of available visual assessment and rehabilitation tools. Ophthalmologists consistently face challenges in obtaining reliable results from vision tests in children.                               


In order to successfully adapt to the changing, increasingly fragmented media consumption habits of young people and the growing international competition, media players need to undergo a digital transformation to create innovative multimedia content across all possible platforms

ProeftuinMedia XR5G

Will we soon see (even more) virtual reality integrated into traditional TV news broadcasts? Will we have real-time statistics of football players displayed on our smartphones during matches?                                                                                         

Coping with crisis

This project aims to introduce 'Oral Literature for Development' (OL4D) as a new paradigm, based on the belief that culture and creativity are central to the development of all people.                                                                                                

ICIL 4_0

The main focus of this project is to create general awareness within the Flemish industry and logistics sectors about the real risks related to cybersecurity. The goal is to activate this target audience to enhance their cybersecurity capacity.                                    

XR Factor

XR Factor aims to survey Flemish secondary schools with dual finality and/or labor market finality that have diverse XR expertise. To obtain a comprehensive overview, we also engage in conversations with external stakeholders involved in XR implementations in schools.