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Research projects

Kapitein Werkgeluk

The aim of the project is to firmly embed Job Satisfaction in secondary education. Keeping teachers happy on board is the guiding principle. Because without Job Satisfaction, no one sails smoothly.                                                                                   


The success of online shopping, coupled with the recent impact of COVID, is putting pressure on Flemish retail and the retail sector. This has direct consequences for store owners, who must reorganize themselves as pickup points for online shoppers or even close their stores.    


Companies realize that further digitization is necessary to continue innovating, growing, and making their processes more efficient. However, businesses are increasingly questioning how they can be supported in the energy transition without incurring significant costs.           

KKGK Taalcoach

Creating equal opportunities for vulnerable groups is a top priority for Flemish education policy. Quality preschool and primary education that can overcome barriers is essential in this regard.                                                                                      

NewZ Lab

Media outlets in Flanders are facing challenges in capturing the interest of Gen Z in news. They seem to be losing connection with young audiences. NewZ Lab is exploring possibilities to engage this demographic. It focuses on the current media consumption habits of young people.

Muziek id metaverse

Internationally, there is a growing trend of cross-over collaborations between the gaming industry and the music sector, experimenting with virtual productions.                                                                                                                        

Lerend Netwerk XR

It is well-known that the use of XR leads to better student outcomes and that the technology can better support the learning process. Thanks to XR, students can safely practice situations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible due to financial or safety reasons.         

P5 Uganda

There is a high unemployment rate among young people in Uganda (83%, UBOS 2018). This is due to a significant skills gap and school dropouts. Many graduates (bachelors and masters) also struggle to find jobs due to limited skills.                                                  


The D4E1 Lab (Design for Everyone) within the Industrial Design Center (IDC) is one of the pioneers in human-centered and participatory healthcare innovation in Flanders, with successful projects like Makerhealth and Makeability.                                                   


From conversations with partners in the construction sector, it became evident that there is untapped potential for integrating STEM into the construction industry.