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Seeing beyond obstacles. Creating opportunities. Developing talents. Raising the bar. Inspiring people to realise their full potential. Challenging people to do things differently. This is Howest!

Anticipate the future: This is the vision of our Howest Community. We call ourselves atypical; we have an edge. We welcome those who draw outside the lines and think outside of the box. We promote entrepreneurial awareness and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Serve, empower, care: These are our values. They run through the very veins of our community and guide us in all that we do. They are part of Howest's DNA.

The student and their academic career are at the core of our approach to education. Society and the broader professional field are our touchstone. Creating added social value is our purpose.

Frederik D'hulster

Frederik D'hulster algemeen directeur Howest

Discover Howest

Vision, mission and values

Howest University of Applied Sciences has a passion for every student's future.

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Strategic objectives

Howest University of Applied Sciences is an agile organisation that maximises its impact by means of an innovative and future-oriented training and research portfolio. Through its efforts, Howest cultivates a modern and attractive learning and research environment.

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Organisational structure

We opt for a flat, agile organisational structure in which knowledge sharing is evident and informal and interdisciplinary consultations are given plenty of room.

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Over the past few years, Howest has built a strong quality culture.

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Gender equality plan

Gender equality is a fundamental value of the European Union and is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

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Howest Foundation

The Howest Foundation is an initiative of Howest University of Applied Sciences. The foundation supports projects and research topics that focus on social responsibility and contribute to sustainable and global engagement.

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The Howest DNA

Every organisation has its own DNA. That DNA is the sum of the values, the mission, the vision, the quality and the organisation culture. Howest calls itself atypical, a bit eccentric in some way and this is also reflected in its staff members. A culture of trust and feedback is typical of Howest. At Howest, the will and the ambition to work with enthusiasm are highly appreciated.

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Ghent University Association

The Ghent University Association (AUGent) is the coordinating network of four quality higher education institutions in East and West Flanders:

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Associatie Universiteit Gent