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What are the Education and Examination Regulations?

The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) list the rights and obligations, the procedures and the general functioning for all teaching and examination activities at Howest.

The EER constitutes an agreement between Howest and all of its students and is therefore of the utmost importance.

Education and Examination Regulations Bachelor 2024-25

Education and Examination Regulations Bachelor 2023-24

If the student does not agree with the score given, they can submit an internal appeal, in accordance with the procedure described in the Education and Examination Regulations under ‘Internal and External Appeal’

Your voice counts!

The Student Council consults with Howest on everything that concerns students, including the Education and Examination Regulations.

Would you like to have more participation? Howest encourages it when you make your voice clearly heard!

More info on student participation

Studenten amuseren zich op campus.