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Research projects


How can we ensure Moldova's rural communities have access to safe drinking water? And how can we ensure sustainable implementation of good practices related to water use, hygiene and sanitation within communities?                                                                   


Quindo is a hub where young people in Kortrijk are provided with the tools to learn and refine cross-media skills. It's a place where, under guidance, they can produce and present content on an online platform, with streaming radio at its core.                                    

GalvanEyez Infra

Creating digital content (marketing campaigns, websites, apps and VR/AR applications) requires a thorough understanding of end-user experiences and responses. Traditional methods such as surveys provide valuable insights, but often miss the unconscious responses.                 


In this project, DAE, Skate Flanders, and DAE Studios join forces to equip an existing indoor half-pipe with interactive projection and tracking. Through this augmented reality layer, we enable experienced skaters to compete against each other through mini-games, enhancing the vi


The Stroke2gether project focuses on the development and scaling of a digital transmural recovery pathway for individuals after a stroke. It is a stroke care pathway that combines healthcare, lifestyle, and mental support in one remote program.                                    

CICO hub

Southwest Flanders is renowned as Belgium's production hub, hosting one out of every three manufacturing companies in the country. Many of these organizations are under pressure to transform into industries that handle available materials and resources in a more sustainable manne


Within this ESF project, we are exploring how dual learning in higher education can be a success story. The degree program in Transport and Logistics and the bachelor's program in Supply Chain Management serve as pilot projects for this initiative.                                


How has the Flemish coastal landscape evolved over the past 5000 years, both at sea and on land? Which areas were flooded and eroded during storm surges? What archaeological traces of past habitation and exploitation are preserved on land and in the sea?                          



"All the SDGs come down to education." - Malala YousafzaiFlemish teacher educators collaborate to explore ways to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) within their own teaching practices.                                                                            

Voorsprongfonds WST6

In this project, we are developing an engaging and high-quality training program tailored to support and empower mentors in the industry in their role as guides and co-evaluators of students during workplace learning.