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The Sport Good Governance Game (SG3) project consists of three parts: an awareness game, a workshop, and an action plan.

Howest DAE, in collaboration with Lunex, is responsible for developing the awareness game. This simulation game involves six participants making decisions through various scenarios leading up to the organization of an international sports event. Each participant assumes a specific role and must represent the interests of the sports organization based on that role. During the game, they must collectively address challenging issues such as doping, match-fixing, transgressive behavior, unfair play, as well as topics like gender equality, interpersonal violence, and media coverage.

SG3 aims to inspire sports managers across Europe to become ethical leaders through its three-part program. Participants in the program learn to recognize various elements that could threaten the integrity of their sport. They also acquire the fundamental principles of good governance and ethical leadership that they can apply within their own organizations.