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Research projects


The objective of the research is to develop an innovative blockchain technology for a secure energy market utilizing renewable energy. Additionally, the aim is to expand market opportunities for blockchain and energy system transformation for SME's in the Euregio.                


The logistics sector requires highly qualified profiles. These profiles do not yet exist, which means companies have to train new employees first, consuming a lot of time and money.                                                                                                   


Many Flemish SMEs still have substantial steps to take in the digitalization process. At the same time, we observe that numerous organizations offer support in this digitalization process at various stages of the transformation path.                                               

Holy Family

Uganda is a focal country in Howest's north-south initiatives, expanding outreach in study areas and deepening sustainable partnerships.                                                                                                                                                


Within STEAMhive II, Howest provides support to organizations that organize extracurricular STEM activities through Mind-and-Makerspace (MAM) and Industrial Design Center (IDC). The project team aims to inspire and facilitate through various activities.                           


In the research group at Ghent University, a methodology was developed during a doctoral study to simplify and make the manual assembly process more intuitive, even during the product development stage.                                                                 

AI Pathfinder

The overall aim of the AI-PathFinder project is to investigate how Flemish food companies should be supported in developing their AI strategies, thereby accelerating the concrete adoption of AI.                                                                                      


Since January 2021, SIOPA (Smart Immersive Occupational Performance Assessment) has been underway as a practice-oriented scientific research project (PWO). VR (Virtual Reality) applications are being developed for individuals with acquired brain injury and visual difficulties.   

Healthy Howest

The Healthy Howest project aims to develop a health policy for Howest students and staff. A policy plan is being devised to promote physical, mental, and social well-being among both staff and students.                                                                              


How can we protect industrial networks from cyberattacks by using artificial intelligence to predict hackers' behavior? GAICIA (Utilizing Behavior-Based Artificial Intelligence Against Cyber-Industrial Attacks) seeks to answer this question during this research.