Associate Degree Transport and Logistics

Associate Degree Transport and Logistics

Do you want to work in the exciting world of transportation and logistics? Do you want to surf along on the growing popularity of e-commerce? Or help ensure that international shipments smoothly reach their destination? 

This new associate degree study programme focuses on streamlining logistics processes. You will learn to identify bottlenecks, analyse problems and implement improvements. Not in theory, but in practice with a hands-on mentality. 

Upon graduation you can work in various companies and organizations. Think of logistics service providers, retailers, harbour companies or production companies. With no less than three introductory work placements in the same company, you will have had a real familiarization period giving you numerous trumps to quickly find a job after you graduate. 

Based on your interests or future plans, you choose one of the three majors: 

  • Dispatcher Road Transport: you organize and plan the transport of goods by road. 
  • Customs Declarant: you contribute to the import, transit and export of international goods.  
  • Warehouse Management: you plan, organize and monitor the logistic activities of a site. 

This programme is only available in Dutch!

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