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The CyberHubs project aims to improve the cybersecurity skills ecosystem in Europe by establishing a network of 7 Cybersecurity Skills Hubs in Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain.

The objectives of the project include:

  • mapping cybersecurity education and training providers in EU member states
  • developing a national cybersecurity skills strategy in each partner country
  • organizing a European Hackathon to promote innovation,
  • establishing partnerships between Cybersecurity Skills Hubs
  • promoting cooperation between education and industry sectors.

The project will benefit a broad audience, including students, professionals, policymakers and the general public, who will have access to a variety of cybersecurity resources and training opportunities. Expected outcomes of the project include the creation of a sustainable network of Cybersecurity Skills Hubs, the development of national cybersecurity skills strategies, the creation of innovative cybersecurity solutions through the Hackathon, the establishment of long-term collaborations and partnerships, and the dissemination of project results through various communication channels.
The project is coordinated by DIGITALEUROPE, the European digital industry umbrella organization, and includes 21 full partners from 11 European member states.