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The project Bruges Moves is a structural collaboration between Howest and the City of Bruges to engage students in encouraging all residents of Bruges to participate in physical activity. Bruges Moves is a service project where initiatives related to movement, health, and sports are implemented by students, teachers, city employees, and residents. The individual movement projects add value to the students' learning process and complement the diverse range of physical activities offered by the City of Bruges. Both parties believe in the power of physical activity and aim to expand the accessible, informal, and differently organized opportunities for movement.
Based on the unifying policy plan of the City of Bruges, Bruges Moves aims to anticipate the importance of physical activity in society in the coming years. Physical activity is the means through which we intend to achieve our goals. Innovation and participation are core values that run through all the projects. We have identified 4 key areas of focus for the coming years: activating target groups, stimulating social connections, creating engaging public spaces & promoting sustainable transportation in and around the city.
Looking ahead to the future, we are exploring trends and opportunities to continuously strengthen our efforts. The needs of various city departments, lecturers, students, and residents are periodically assessed, mapped, and translated into concrete actions. All of this is done with the same goal in mind: to get all residents of Bruges moving.