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Howest aims to develop and open up advanced research infrastructure to support Flemish companies, governments, organizations and citizens during their digitalization. In that context, Howest will establish a WEB3 & Metaverse Experience Lab.

The WEB3 & Metaverse Experience Lab will provide a state-of-the-art platform for researchers and companies to conduct blockchain, Solid and Metaverse projects, building on the extensive expertise of Howest's Security & Privacy and Business Management research group. The lab will foster the spread of these technologies, sharing knowledge with other research institutions and partners to make digital interactions more secure, efficient and privacy-friendly.

The seamless integration with the blockchain infrastructure will also allow these technologies to be immediately offered in a decentralized manner.

The infrastructure will not only facilitate existing research projects and applications (such as Future Flemish Pig and Business models in the metaverse projects, participation in European Blockchain Service Infrastructure network, in EBSI-NE and DC4EU), but also provide new projects and opportunities for innovation and collaboration between research groups inside and outside Howest (such as CitiVerse and secuweb-SOLID).