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Lerend Netwerk XR

It is well-known that the use of XR leads to better student outcomes and that the technology can better support the learning process. Thanks to XR, students can safely practice situations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible due to financial or safety reasons. An investment in XR also offers perspectives for practical lessons. With a VR headset, students can virtually familiarize themselves with the latest assembly techniques or conduct lifelike fire drills.

In Flanders, there is a wealth of expertise regarding the implementation of XR in education. It is important to fully utilize this expertise. Therefore, this Learning Network was established so that i) more schools can be reached, ii) more training and networking can be organized in schools, and iii) there can be more information dissemination within schools.

Tailored Solutions

Schools can also express their specific needs. Afterward, the network, in collaboration with the school, can determine tailored XR applications that they can use and/or modify existing XR