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MJP Blended HV

COVID-19 has demonstrated that utilizing digital communication tools, whether alone or in combination with face-to-face interactions, can greatly enhance the experiences of citizens, clients, and patients in their interactions with service providers, helpers, and healthcare profs.

In 2021, we laid the foundations for a sustainable collaboration between Howest, SAM (Support Point for People and Society), UCLL, Thomas More, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Te Gek, and under the umbrella of Onlinehulp Vlaanderen. Over the coming years, we will continue to build on this foundation.

Onlinehulp Vlaanderen will become the expert network for supporting, researching, and developing online and blended work in the domains of well-being, public health, and family. We will address the queries of welfare and healthcare professionals and policymakers regarding information and advice, methodologies, implementation, as well as competence and policy development in the realm of online and blended assistance.