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A group of young people aged 14 and above will collaborate on spotlighting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through an artistic-technological intervention in their city/town. A program will be established in collaboration with local youth organizations. The specific SDGs and the type of intervention (a series of actions, activities, or an installation) will be determined in conjunction with the youth facilitator.

The chosen SDGs serve as the guiding principle for the urban guerrilla initiative. A methodology will be developed to enable young people to explore, analyze, and translate locations, organizations, businesses, and enterprises in the city related to specific SDGs into an artistic-technological installation.

Through their installation or action, the young participants aim to raise awareness among their fellow citizens about the possibilities and challenges of a sustainable society. The intended goal of this STEM initiative is to develop a methodology in the form of a playbook that can be implemented by STEM academies, youth organizations, or youth services in every city/town.