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Muziek id metaverse

Internationally, there is a growing trend of cross-over collaborations between the gaming industry and the music sector, experimenting with virtual productions. Although the initial experiments predate Covid, this trend has gained momentum due to the pandemic and the rapid rise of the 'metaverse' hype. Virtual music experiences come in various forms, from video streams to immersive productions featuring animated avatars performing digitally in a gaming environment or digital twins of famous concert halls. Renowned artists are performing in game platforms such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and even in their own created environments. TV and radio stations, like StuBru, are also exploring virtual productions.

Despite the numerous initiatives, conversations with industry experts reveal that these new forms of digital music experiences raise many questions. There is a lack of basic knowledge on how to navigate these metaverses, what sustainable creative potential awaits artists, and how to reach a broader audience. Therefore, Howest will publish an online tool for the music sector, demonstrating the opportunities.

In collaboration with PXL Music.