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The D4E1 Lab (Design for Everyone) within the Industrial Design Center (IDC) is one of the pioneers in human-centered and participatory healthcare innovation in Flanders, with successful projects like Makerhealth and Makeability. In collaboration with large and small healthcare organizations, these projects developed a framework that aligns with the new healthcare model where the healthcare professional/patient is at the center, and the healthcare services are tailored to specific societal needs. With the project 'Future Healthcare Professionals Put on Their STEM Hats!' we aim to translate this framework into a preparatory trajectory on healthcare innovation for students in the 3rd grade of secondary education in healthcare programs.

The goal of the project is to introduce teachers, students, educational counselors, parents, and healthcare institutions to innovation in healthcare while sparking their interest in science, technology, and design-oriented problem-solving approaches. Additionally, we aim to enhance teachers' knowledge and understanding of innovation processes and methodologies, enabling them to implement these concepts effectively within their curricula.