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From the Level-Up project, a follow-up initiative has been established, aimed at professionalizing teachers of the 3rd grade in secondary education focusing on the labor market and double finality, enabling them to enhance digital competencies and data literacy of their students. Two pathways are being developed for this purpose:

A preparatory program focusing on improving the digital and data literacy skills of teachers.
A co-creation program for and with teachers from the labor market and double finality, encompassing both the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary student project. This initiative encourages digital competencies, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills among their 3rd-grade students. The content emphasizes authentic challenges related to the theme of energy transition.
Central to this effort are the learning parks, physical meeting points where partners come together, and where the co-creation program will be realized. Examples include the Mind- and Makerspace in Bruges and the T2-campus in Genk.

This project culminates in a blueprint showcasing how educational institutions, businesses, teachers, and students can collaborate across disciplines on a societal theme.