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Within this project, the Howest Academy aims to promote lifelong learning in the workplace and actively broaden access to the knowledge and expertise of the university from the perspective of open science.

We will make research findings from Howest accessible in the workplace through 'bite-sized online learning snacks'. These require only 1 to 15 minutes per snack. This facilitates learning 'on the go,' supporting it in the workplace through a mobile website and/or social media apps. Up-to-date research knowledge and expertise are delivered via smartphones in the workplace, allowing participants to learn anywhere, anytime. This research explores which educational technology is best suited for quickly and efficiently creating online learning snacks.

Instructional design is also necessary. Questions like "Which learning activities enhance engagement?" and "Which platforms have the widest reach?" will be explored. Through 4 pilot projects, we will finalize this instructional design. Our goal is to develop learning scenarios for creating learning snacks or short but meaningful learning experiences.