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Blue Balance

The Blue BALANCE project aims to create support among citizens and tourists for sustainable economic activities along the coast (including coastal protection, blue food, renewable energy, ports, and tourism).

Considering that the coastal region has undergone numerous communication and citizen participation initiatives related to sustainable transition, the project seeks to gain a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these ongoing and past processes, projects, and initiatives. The project will bring together existing interest groups to explore how these groups can be optimally utilized to garner support for economic activities along the coast, covering topics such as alternative food, coastal protection, renewable energy, and sustainable tourism.

Additionally, the local and historical conditions, needs, habits, and values of the various coastal communities and their residents will be examined and mapped out. This research aims to understand how coastal residents and tourists perceive sustainable innovations, projects, and industries. This knowledge, combined, forms a robust foundation for the development of successful communication strategies for sustainable interventions and awareness-raising efforts.