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How does listening to music affect brain development? The KidBeats project considers music as a crucial factor in children's development, although technology isn't fully prepared to bridge the gap between musicians and children.

This international partnership is building a project to create a methodology for reaching the youngest generations through a harmless and innovative digital solution. The methodology targets musicians involved in children's music and focuses on three pillars: research, testing, and mobile tool production enabling a sound-based media game for children, incorporating environmentally conscious materials and 21st-century solutions.

To achieve its objectives, KidBeats calls for an international partnership from the following fields: Music Production (GRYLLUS), Psychology, Behavioral Sciences (ELTE Babylab), Environmental Protection (Hungarian Ornithological Association), Design focused on Education and Children (Museo dei Bambini – IT), Open Design and Production with 21st-century digital solutions (HOWEST), Children's Book Publishing (MÓRA).