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AI Pathfinder

The overall aim of the AI-PathFinder project is to investigate how Flemish food companies should be supported in developing their AI strategies, thereby accelerating the concrete adoption of AI. This equips food companies with a stronger foundation for the future, ensuring competitiveness and sustained growth.

To achieve this, a dual approach is followed: on one hand, a knowledge platform is built based on research results, focusing on demystifying and concretizing what AI can mean for food companies. On the other hand, the project examines the barriers faced by food companies and the necessary steps for successful AI implementation. Through generic use cases, the project unravels the implementation process and complexity of AI, demonstrated in the VEG-i-TEC pilot plant. Both approaches converge in the development of an AI playbook, enabling companies to chart their own path towards AI implementation. The project partners provide the generic building blocks, establishing a solid foundation for further customization within specific business contexts.