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Since January 2021, SIOPA (Smart Immersive Occupational Performance Assessment) has been underway as a practice-oriented scientific research project (PWO). VR (Virtual Reality) applications are being developed for individuals with acquired brain injury and visual difficulties.
The SIOPA team comprises occupational therapists, researchers, game developers, ICT experts, and psychologists. This collaboration has already resulted in the development of several applications that are currently undergoing testing. To further advance these projects, additional research infrastructure is required. With this request, we are procuring XR equipment for research in occupational therapy, enabling us to address the challenges posed by technological innovation in this sector.
This infrastructure will facilitate research on the development, implementation, and effectiveness of applications in an immersive environment. The acquired infrastructure includes HMD (Head Mounted Display) sets (A) with and without eye-tracking for on-site use. Additionally, a mobile immersive room (B) or Inflatable VR dome with projection will be acquired, allowing research to be conducted with applications even without HMDs.