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During this project, an online learning platform is being developed where educational objectives related to digital competencies can be addressed. The importance of digital literacy as essential skills that make individuals resilient in society became painfully evident during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, digital literacy is a hot topic in contemporary social and educational issues (Crevits, 2014; PIRLS, 2016; PISA, 2019; Mediawijs, 2019). While digital natives quickly embrace technology, they often lack the knowledge to handle online information consciously and purposefully (Ng & Gunstone, 2003; Ng, 2012). Teachers also need to be adequately proficient. This project aims to bridge the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants (Hermans, Tondeur, van Braak, & Valcke, 2008; Kramarski & Michalsky, 2009; Ng, 2012).

In concrete terms, our goal is to develop an online learning platform with pathways that allow differentiated learning towards educational objectives in the realm of digital competencies.