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LoREco, as an ESF transition project, aims to explore ways to achieve this goal. The objective is to strengthen the local economy and social fabric within cities by using a complementary currency and a guaranteed income linked to it. This approach seeks to tap into the full potential of the population in a sustainable manner.

Key Components

Collaboration with Cities and Municipalities: Both explaining the benefits and addressing the questions and challenges posed by governments are integral parts of this pilot project. Collaboration with citizens, businesses, and volunteer organizations is a key aspect of the project.

Demonstrating Economic Possibilities: The project aims to delve into the complex economic and social processes of change and examine their impact on the local economy. To achieve this, efforts are made to model and visualize the behavior of 'economic agents' using software.

Contributing to Open Source Technology: To implement complementary currencies in a contemporary manner, the project is developing a payment platform that facilitates local-level deployment. This work involves building open-source technology solutions.