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The city of Bruges owns a diverse and rich heritage, comprising more than 500 buildings, making it one of the largest property owners in Bruges and its surrounding areas. The city aims to be a pioneer in new developments. After years of experience in energy-efficient construction and renovation, the time has come to adopt sustainable practices in handling (construction) materials, hence the shift towards circular construction. This approach will be initiated in a highly practical manner through a pilot project: the construction of a new circular community center in Lissewege. This endeavor will enable them, and by extension all contracting building services, developers, or property managers, to develop, tender, execute, and use all their future projects as maximally circular. Moebius, C2C expolab, and Howest are partners in this initiative.

By participating in the targeted call 'Circular Building Economy Projects', the ambition can be elevated, allowing faster strides toward a circular building heritage. With the broad expertise and diverse perspectives of the partners, the transition from a one-time project to a sustainable strategy can be achieved.