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brand Y

According to Eurostat, in the EU-28, there were 4.4 million students in 2017 studying business, administration, or law. The job market for graduates with this profile is dynamic, with voluminous expectations from employers. However, recent literature indicates a gap between graduates' profiles and employers' expectations. Experts suggest a shift in focus from knowledge generation to skill development. This raises questions about effective teaching methods in the field of management, especially in marketing.

Experiential methods engage students in experiences that simulate social phenomena. These methods include games such as Starpower or Global Markets, as well as computer simulations like Markstrat and the Organization Game. Members of the European university network Dukenet have decided to develop an educational experiential module for marketing education. This module will be combined with a structured, week-long graduate course. BrandY is an experiential teaching module designed to train marketing students in European brand management and enhance their employability.