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Creativ'Up aims to support cross-border innovation initiatives in the cultural and creative sector through inspiration, networking, enhancement of entrepreneurial skills, and innovation/change coaching. The project, involving partners from both Flemish, Walloon, and French regions, will empower the cultural and creative industries in the area to activate and strengthen their innovation capacity, addressing common challenges related to the recent economic and health crisis, as well as digital, sustainable, and usage transitions. The partnership, comprising key stakeholders from academic, economic, artistic, and cultural sectors, is essential to achieve the project's objectives and indicators. The academic partners (UMONS, UArtois, Howest) contribute to the innovation and applied research aspects, the economic partners (LLV, TWIST, DRK) focus on the business dimension, while the artistic and/or cultural partners (Le Fresnoy, Pôle Muséal de la Ville de Mons, Free Haven Abby-city Kortrijk) provide the societal perspective involving artists and the audience.