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Blockchain, as a technology or rather as a concept, is still relatively young but has generated significant interest and enthusiasm worldwide among citizens, civic organizations, businesses, service providers, and governments. The Flemish government actively and proactively explores this technology and prepares it for production. Blockchain (BC) is a nascent internet technology with the potential to redefine the relationship between government and citizens in terms of data exchange, transparency, and trust. Blockchain IN Government (BLING) aims to lead the government in exploring this field, ensuring that the benefits reach those who need them the most, and creating new user experiences for government services. BLING brings together a unique combination of government agencies, research institutions, and SMEs to jointly develop and test the concept of blockchain technology for the deployment of public services. BLING delivers pilots for various domains, including identity, direct democracy, and customer service. BLING is not just a technical project; it will also accelerate the acceptance and implementation of blockchain in the North Sea Region to deliver the next generation of smart services at lower costs.